Hey, I’ll get to it (whatever it is)

So this vision of a multi-media gambling empire is coming together way quicker than I thought, thanks partially to Powerball.

The Miami Herald is taking another story from me, this time about interesting tidbits about Powerball, which I have been following since the game came here ┬áJan. 4, 2009. (Can’t help but think of the late, great Gary Taylor .)

Next, I’ll be on with Manny Munoz and Jimmy Cephalo on WIOD 610 at 7:22 a.m. Wednesday, talking about Powerball.

I’m also putting together an article on how Powerball is declining, based on news I gathered at the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States, which followed the Florida Gaming Congress.

I also have my eye on Dania’s casino opening, news of a record win at Magic City, perhaps a follow to Hialeah poker and my 2015 gambling log, which I said last week I would finish writing.

Good thing I didn’t get that fellowship I applied for via Images and Voices of Hope. I was told I had a good application with my idea to write about compulsive gambling, but when you look at the four they awarded it you could make the argument that I got smoked. Good luck to them.