Steve Bourie’s ‘American Casino Guide’ YouTube channel passes 10 million

No, casino operators don’t place high-paying machines near the entrance to attract customers, Steve Bourie says. 
Yes, those flashy spinning reels are just symbols. The real work is inside the guts of the machine, powered by something called a random number generator.

And, yes, there’s a method to winning at slots, says Bourie, of Hollywood, the author of The American Casino Guide.

“You get really lucky,” he says, cautioning people that any slot “system” being marketed is basically fraudulent.

This month marks a milestone in the American Casino Guide franchise created in 1992 by Bourie, who has researched casinos in every state. The American Casino Guide YouTube channel has surpassed 10 million viewers. That’s a lot of people looking for information.

Bourie’s videos also cover blackjack (walk away if the table is paying only 6-to-5 for a blackjack), video poker (learn what to throw away and what to keep) and how to make the most of the casino’s hospitality (“comps” in casino parlance).

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