$25K poker drawdown on weekdays at Magic City Casino

Daily poker players are known as “grinders,” because they steadily build up their bankrolls, making big bets when they’re ahead and being patient enough to fold when they’re beat. But South Florida poker rooms have seen a recent spate of get-rich-quick promotions, including one that pays $25,000 at Magic City Casino.

Players are picked at 2 p.m. and 11 p.m. weekdays at the Miami card room, with a longshot chance of scoring the $25K. A dealer turns over a card, then awards the player $100 if the next card is lower than the first. The prize goes to $200, then $400 for the next cards and if a player wins a fourth round, the $25,000 is paid out.

It’s happened twice in the 18 months or so of the promotion. One player’s cards went J-10-8-5, then a 2 for the jackpot. Rodrigo Rodriguez scored what has to be a dream start, with an ace, king, queen and jack. A final 9 gave him the Weekday Draw Down loot.

Meanwhile, 15 Florida card rooms are faring well with 3-card poker, which can pay 200-to-1 for those who hit a mini-royal flush. That payoff has made 3-card poker one of the faster-growing games in Las Vegas, as well. And most card rooms offer high hands that pay $500 ever 30 minutes for having the best hand in the building.

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