Powerball Q-and-A (other than winning numbers)

You’ve likely invoked the word “Powerball” many more times in the past week that you likely have in your lifetime. The $1.4 billion jackpot ($1.5B as of 11 a.m. now) is on all the newscasts, and I don’t know about you, but I’m burned out on live shots of breathless patrons holding up tickets saying “This is the winner!”

Meanwhile, casual players have all kinds of things they’ve been wondering. Where does the money go? Can’t I win just a little something? Since I’ve been covering Powerball since it came to Florida in 2009, I wrote up this Powerball q-and-a.

The Miami Herald editors, realizing that Powerball fever is soaring, took it, gave it a nice edit and put it on Page 1A of today’s paper. (That’s kind of full circle for me; my first Powerball story ran on 1A at the Sun-Sentinel seven years ago.)

Meanwhile, a reminder to listen to me on WIOD at 7:22 a.m. Wednesday and I’ll also be on 560 WQAM Marc Hochman’s show this afternoon.

And the good folks at the Florida Lottery encourage those on Wednesday night seeking the winning number to follow them on Twitter (@FloridaLottery), Instagram (@FloridaLottery) and Facebook.com/FloridaLottery. Sure beats slogging through a really busy web site, which will be overwhelmed. Seems kind of quaint now, this photo I shot on Friday, when Powerball was at only $675 million.

And if you do win Wednesday night, go to my contact info on this page and send me a quote.