$348K Bad Beat hits at PB Kennel Club

Phillip Lee Clements’ straight flush lost out to a higher straight flush earlier this month at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, but he’s not complaining. He still took home $174,293 via the card room’s bad beat promotion.

For those unfamiliar, bad beat promotions were the attraction as Florida poker rooms began blossoming in the middle of last decade. The kennel club is one of only a few rooms that still offers it. A player must have at least four 10s and lost to a better hand.

On Feb. 11, nine players each got a piece of the $348,582 jackpot. The actual winning hand collected $87,146 and the other seven players took home $12,449 each.

The hand winner was Joseph Santoro of Orlando, who was in town to play in the WSOP Circuit Events at PBKC (Feb. 4-15).

Earlier in the day, he played in the WSOP event and got knocked out. Santoro held the 8-9 of clubs, Clements, from Michigan, had the 3-4 of clubs and dealer Sergio Chang put out the 5-6-7 of clubs in the $2-$5 no-limit Texas Hold’em. Interestingly, he also had a 4 and an 8 out there, so there was a straight on the board, as well as three clubs. Plenty of bluff opportunities. Usually.

Palm Beach Kennel Club’s Poker Room highest bad beat was $504,833 was paid out on Sept. 23, 2012. The Feb. 11 jackpot is the third biggest, behind a jackpot of $414,567 won on Aug 6, 2013.