Who’s that guy in the tie?

My days of being a South Florida journalist focused on the gambling scene are apparently over. On Feb. 2, I filed papers to run for Plantation City Council. It’s something I have been thinking about since 2010, and I have been following the issues and building a campaign fund since then. Check out my campaign thoughts at NickSortal.com. Also donate via NickSortal.com. I figure people who read a gambling site likely have money.

Because I’m an active political candidate, The Miami Herald and I had to part ways. They can’t appear to show favoritism, and the idea of candidates-as-reporters is pooh-poohed almost everywhere. (That said, I’ll still write for CDC Gaming Reports, a subscription service that goes to executives nationwide in the casino industry.)

Am I done here? Probably. (Unless I lose the Nov. 6 election, maybe.) So if some budding journalist wants to take over or buy my site, email me at NickSortal@BellSouth.net. Or skip that and just donate at NickSortal.com.

Thanks to all the readers, sources and even the critics. It’s been fun.

And, oh, did you know you can donate to my campaign? Go to NickSortal.com.