Now Open to Visitors

HeadlinesHialeahPoker reducedGreetings! If you’re a South Florida gambler, you’ve come to the right spot. This site will contain news of slot and poker events, dining and entertainment, and, of course, news and commentary of the ever-changing South Florida gambling landscape. (For those who don’t follow government, big negotiations are starting in Tallahassee this month.)

I’m delighted to roll out this web site, which will contain much of the same topics and flavor as my site did for the past eight years. I wrapped up my 30-year career there on Nov. 25, 2015, but don’t worry, folks, my buyout was voluntary. No hard feelings anywhere. I’m just working fewer hours, but focusing all of it on thegambling scene here.

How’s this going to work? Well, I’ll put up the gambling news of the day on this site, and share via social media. You can either click on the site every now and then or follow me on Twitter @NickSortal or on Facebook.

My newspaper column that ran on Fridays now will appear in the Friday Weekend Section of The Miami Herald.  I’ll also offer them some news stories to the city desk as they break. But the plan is to put the news here first, to reward you all.

Questions? Content you’d like to see? Email me at

See you out there.

- Nick Sortal