Gambling log for 2015: I made $2.68 an hour

As a professional gambler, I’d be better off bagging groceries at Publix, but as a guy looking for a little entertainment, I can say 2015 was a profitable one.

As those who have followed me over the years know, I keep a gambling journal. It tells me where I’m succeeding, and where I’m leaking cash. And it also could come in handy for tax purposes that day I make a really huge score, because gamblers can use any losses to balance out their wins.

For 2015, I finished in the black, clearing a whole $273.50 after playing poker, slots, blackjack or video poker on 68 outings, a number that I expect to increase this year because I am no longer a full-time employee beholden to any office.

Those 68 outings included nine $100 losses – getting “felted” in $1-$2 no-limit poker (why is it every time I have Kings somebody has Aces?) – but they were overwritten by winning a $250 high hand at Magic City Casino and a $200 on at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

So, back to that “professional gambler” thing: Let’s say I averaged 90 minutes per gambling outing. That means my 102 hours at “work” garnered me $273.50 – a blistering $2.68 per hour.

Yep, I’m keeping my day job.

I made $387 at the Hard Rock this year in 24 poker trips. My  biggest lost was $151 at Hialeah, but I’m OK with that. I had J-J and shoved all-in with a board of 9-6-2. The opponent flipped over A-9, making me a 90-percent favorite, but alas an Ace hit. Hey, that’s poker.

Here’s my year-by-year gambling log:

2015: +273

2014: +301

2013: -214

2012: + 916

2011: +301

2010: +1,530

2009: -218

2008: -1

All winning are supposed to be reported to the IRS as income. But do I do that? Well, that’s between my tax preparer and me.