Mardi Gras tries for bigger limit games

Mardi Gras Casino is encouraging poker players to try new games, and is using large high hand jackpots as an incentive.

“We are emphasizing larger limit Texas Hold ‘em games,” said David Litvin, the casino’s director of poker operations. “There are a lot of players out there playing no-limit that have never had the opportunity to play limit because only smaller limit games are usually offered.”

Most card rooms offer $2 limit or $2-$4 limit games, stakes so low that players almost always call each other’s bets. The games have earned the derisive term “No fold-em hold-em.”

In June, the jackpot will be $1,200 for the high hand if won in $10-$20 limit or higher; it’s $1,000 if won in $6-$12 limit or $2-5 no limit, $599 if won in $3-$6 limit and $500 if won in any other jackpot qualified game.

“I think a lot of no-limit players would really enjoy playing $6-$12 or $10-$20 limit once they have a chance to try it,” Litvin said. “It’s really about the same size of game (meaning the starting bankroll needed is similar) and it’s a lot of fun. And, of course, a high hand of up to $1,200 doesn’t hurt.

“Even large limit games are more relaxing than no limit because one bad card or one bad decision can’t wipe out hours of good play.”

Litvin noted the card room’s food and beverage specials continue. From 7:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. on days with a Marlins’ home game, draft beer is $1, well drinks $2, loaded potato skins $3 and two chili dogs are $3.

UPDATE: Litvin noted Monday that each day a game has run.

“Including today, a rainy Monday in June!” he emailed. “It appears as if we may have found a hidden market for these games. Its been a mix of people who remember these games from the pre-no-limit days and new players who are trying it for the first time. But everyone seems to be enjoying it.”

You can always check via the app.

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