Magic City poker: $25K free tourney and Quad Squad

The Magic City Casino poker room wrapped up its 20-year anniversary celebration with a $25,000 tournament and big awards for players who frequently hit four-of-a-kind in July.

The Royal Flush tournament, limited to those players who hit a royal flush in July, drew 17 players on July 31. Javier Bustamante (pictured) won first prize and $12,500, followed by Oscar Salinas ($7,500) and Robert C ($5,000).

Bustamante won the final hand in unusual fashion: He held a King-4 against Salinas’ pocket 10s. The flop included a 4 and a 10, giving Salinas a set, but the turn and river each were 4s, giving Bustamante quads. Talk about a tough loss.

Quad squad prizes were awarded Aug. 3 to those who hit the most four-of-a-kind hands in July. Pedro P. Martinez won $10,000, followed by Roger Warren Collette ($8,000), the aforementioned Salinas ($6,000) and Jose Manuel Pena and Stelvio Giachello ($3,000 each).

The poker room also honored Luis Calvo, a regular player at the Magic City pot-limit Omaha games. Calvo won a World Series of Poker bracelet earlier this year in a $3,000 PLO tournament, outlasting 630 to collect $362,185.

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