If I can get a good story about a local winner, I’ll have it here. If there is national news to report or some news out of Florida’s $4 billion-plus lottery, I’ll write it here. If somehow I hit those six numbers, I’ll have it here, too — but it’ll be the last thing I ever write.

Melbourne couple cashes ticket in $1.5B Powerball

You won Powerball! Be happy! Hey, you, happy couple from Melbourne, you now have so much money you could fill a room with $100 bills and frolic in it. How do you feel? “Stressed,” said Maureen Smith, age 70, at a Tallahassee news conference, where the Florida winners...

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Powerball at $400 million — and growing!

Powerball at $400 million -- and rising! We’re now into some really big money for Powerball: we’re talking $400 million-plus. Powerball, which has rolled over since Nov. 7 (that’s 17 times) is at the seventh-highest lottery jackpot total ever. The record is $656...

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