South Floridian Wong finishes eighth at WSOP

South Floridian Jerry Wong had a pair of jacks and a short stack, so of course all of his chips were going to end up in the middle of the table.

But Vojtech Ruzicka had pocket queens, which ended Wong’s run at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas Sunday night.

Wong, of Coconut Creek, finished eighth, earning $1,000,076.

The WSOP began on July 9 with 6,737 players, and winnowed the field down to the final nine, including Wong, by July 18. ESPN had been showing the action that brought us to this point.

Wong, who had been an online pro in Canada, has been a South Florida player since September 2012. Sunday night he wore a Seminole Hard Rock Poker Room patch (most players make some kind of sponsorship deal) and a New York Knicks Porzingis jersey. He says he has been a huge Knicks fan his entire life.

Wong doubled up through Kenny Hallaert, then was dealt his pair of jacks. Ruzicka opened the pot with a raise from early position and was three-bet by Gordon Vayo on the button. Wong four-bet all-in from the big blind and left only 1.5 big blinds behind. When the action got back to Ruzicka he stuck in a five-bet. Vayo folded and Wong called for his last few chips.

Wong made the media happy with his post-tournament interview, according to Gary Trask of Casino City Times.

When he was asked what it’s going to be like to be recognized in public now that he made the WSOP final table, Trask reported Wong shrugged it off by saying, “Nah, c’mon dude, nobody’s going to remember the guy who finished eighth at the final table.”

Trask continued:

And, finally, when he was asked what he planned to do now that he had been eliminated, Wong jokingly (we think) whispered into the microphone, “I’m going to the Rhino,” referring to the popular Spearmint Rhino gentlemen’s club here in Las Vegas.

Wong also said he was going to take his wife on a nice vacation. Talk about hedging bets…

The WSOP continues at 7:30 EST tonight with five remaining players.

The remaining five players are all guaranteed at least $1,935,288.

Seat 1: Vojtech Ruzicka – 62,250,000 (62 bbs)

Seat 2: Qui Nguyen – 128,625,000 (128 bbs)

Seat 3: Cliff Josephy – 63,850,000 (63 bbs)

Seat 4: Michael Ruane – 23,700,000 (23 bbs)

Seat 5: Gordon Vayo – 58,200,000 (58 bbs)

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