Pick 6 mandatory payout Saturday at Gulfstream


A horse-racing jackpot of more than $4.3 million will be divvied up no later than Saturday at Gulfstream Park. That’s the day marked for a mandatory payout of the Rainbow 6.

The Rainbow 6 is paid out when there is one single unique ticket sold with six winners of the designated races. In other words, if you pick the favorites, and so does everyone else, no one gets the Rainbow 6 jackpot. The jackpot had been building since Jan. 13 and surpassed $4 million on Sunday. Since the racing season is coming to an end and Gulfstream has been collecting all that money, the track’s gotta pay it out. So anyone who just hits the six winners on Saturday gets a share of the loot. (Presuming nobody hits on Friday.)

The payout on Jan. 13 was “only” $76,799.38. The Rainbow 6 produced a record payoff of $6.6 million for a Palm Beach bettor on May 25, 2014. The previous record of $3,591,245.44 was received by a New Jersey bettor on Feb. 22, 2013.

Friday’s Rainbow 6 sequence covers Races 5-10, with an approximate fifth race post time of 2:35 p.m.
If Friday has no winner, look for millions to be pumped into the pool Saturday, likely pushing past $10 million.