My stories from G2E in Las Vegas

Although I spent almost 10 years writing about gambling for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, I never got to attend G2E (Global Gaming Expo) in Las Vegas. I didn’t argue too much with the reasoning — that gambling was just one of my beats and that there was plenty of gambling news to find in South Florida.

But now that I work some for CDC Gaming Reports, I made a deal with publisher Jeffrey Compton to fly out to Sin City and be part of the team that covered the convention.

So last week, I embarked on that adventure. And I thought I’d share with you the 12 stories I covered. (Sorry if busting out 12 in a week sounds braggy, but that’s not really my goal here; the idea is to list them all and give those who follow my stuff a chance to sift through and pick what they want. I also acknowledge that not every one displays sterling writing: Perhaps my motto should be, “Nick Sortal, average copy served quickly.”) I would have liked to have posted them one by one and curated my site a little better, but something had to give.

Note that 11 of the 12 were assigned by Compton; the Billie story happened to break while I was out there, so I included it. It’s at the top of the list because of the South Florida connection.

James Billie ousted as Seminoles’ chairman

Seminoles vote out Billie as chairman, citing ‘issues with policies and procedures’

Geoff Freeman on sports gambling

G2E: AGA President optimistic about sports gambling

Tribes-commercial casinos

G2E: Tribes, commercial casinos: Common goals (and similar revenues)


G2E: As gaming matures, negotiating compacts becomes more complex


National Indian Gaming Commission officials explain what they do

G2E: NIGC - Trying to help tribes, while also regulating them


Electronic table games: Why there is an interest

G2E: Electronic tables - Growing buzz, with enhancements coming

Pros, cons of North Jersey referendum debated

G2E: North Jersey - A debate that might continue


Tangam helps provide data for casino pits to maximize coverage

G2E: Tangam analyzes data to help balance labor revenue and patrons’ experience

Victor Rocha adds consulting, seminars and changes web name

G2E: founder, Victor Rocha, expands his empire

Duetto helps casino-hotels with dynamic pricing

G2E: Duetto helps casinos get the right people – at the most profitable price

Skill-based games aren’t just for millenials

G2E: We call it ‘for millennials’ but Gamblit’s games are for everyone – and fun


AGS shines up slots, adds table games side bets

AGS shines up slots, adds features to table games – and more