Author: Nick Sortal

Dania casino opens: slots, jai-alai and more

Dania casino opens with slots, jai-alai and more Building construction continues, but festive vibe at old fronton The thwack of a jai-alai pelota smacking the wall is back, but this time there’s plenty of ding-ding-ding from nearby slot machines. Dania casino officials unveiled their massive $64 million renovation Wednesday, with the softest of soft openings: They contacted selected media shortly before 8 a.m. with news that, yes, the 18-month casino makeover was ready for visitors. A few began trickling in around noon, and they saw a vibrant casino in what most last remembered as a musty jai-alai court that...

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Powerball primer: Questions you’ve likely asked

Powerball Q-and-A (other than winning numbers) You’ve likely invoked the word “Powerball” many more times in the past week that you likely have in your lifetime. The $1.4 billion jackpot ($1.5B as of 11 a.m. now) is on all the newscasts, and I don’t know about you, but I’m burned out on live shots of breathless patrons holding up tickets saying “This is the winner!” Meanwhile, casual players have all kinds of things they’ve been wondering. Where does the money go? Can’t I win just a little something? Since I’ve been covering Powerball since it came to Florida in 2009,...

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World still spinning VERY quickly

Hey, I’ll get to it (whatever it is) So this vision of a multi-media gambling empire is coming together way quicker than I thought, thanks partially to Powerball. The Miami Herald is taking another story from me, this time about interesting tidbits about Powerball, which I have been following since the game came here  Jan. 4, 2009. (Can’t help but think of the late, great Gary Taylor .) Next, I’ll be on with Manny Munoz and Jimmy Cephalo on WIOD 610 at 7:22 a.m. Wednesday, talking about Powerball. I’m also putting together an article on how Powerball is declining,...

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Mardi Gras Casino promotions for January

Mardi Gras promotions for January Mardi Gras Casino has a car giveaway, a homebrew competition and a $2,500 shopping spree in January. The details: Monday Cash Frenzy: Purple Krewe Club members who earn 20 points get a chance to win $100 at 4 p.m., Gold Krewe Club Members who earn 25 points can win $250 at 7 p.m., Black Krewe Club Members who earn 35 points can win $500 at 8 p.m., and Platinum Krewe Club Members with 50 points have a chance to win $750 at 9 p.m. New Year New Ride  runs from noon to 8 p.m....

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