Author: Nick Sortal

Casinos can learn from lottery

Casinos can learn lessons from lotteries Two simultaneous lottery jackpots of over $350 million would have drawn widespread national attention ten years ago. Not any longer. Last week the top jackpots of both Powerball and MegaMillions crossed that dollar threshold. It was the first time that the two national lottery games simultaneously had such big payouts. Big jackpots used to be news. But lagging ticket sales mean that the top jackpot prizes don’t escalate as quickly as they once did, and other factors seem to be at play as well when it comes to free publicity. Rather than gloat...

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Seminole casinos rake in big money

Hard Rock Hollywood collects $579 million, more than the 8 local racinos South Florida racetrack casino owners merely shake their head when they asked how they can compete with the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. My recent calculations illustrate why. The Seminole Hard Rock’s haul for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016, totaled more than $579 million. That’s more than all eight pari-mutuel casinos earned combined. Talk about an uphill battle … The tribe is not required to release its per-casino revenue figures, but by using two state documents, I computed the figures. The starting...

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Conine has personal reason for clubhouse, poker event

For Jeff Conine, clubhouse and poker tournament are personal Jeff Conine’s interest in providing comfort to parents of hospitalized children is personal: He’s been there. In 2000, his son, Tucker, was born three months premature and contracted a virus. Conine, the former Marlins baseball player, and his wife, stayed in a facility on the grounds of the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, now known as Conine’s Clubhouse. “Cindy and I know firsthand the importance of being close to the hospital,” said Conine. “It provides all the amenities of a three-star hotel but, more importantly, gives families a temporary...

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Fifth Dimension at Dania; Ladies night at Calder

South Florida casino action for early August Gulfstream Park gives away up to $250 in free slot play to its most active patrons each Wednesday in August. It’s called “Progressive Power Play” because the prizes increase: You get $10 in free play for earning 30 points, then an additional $15 for 75 points, with prizes at 100 points ($30), 250 points ($70) and 500 points ($125). Mardi Gras Casino runs “Krewe Kash” from 2-7 p.m. Sundays. One person every 15 minutes wins $250 in free play. The prize rolls over if not claimed. The 5th Dimension performs at the...

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Soap stars to dish at Seminole Coconut Creek

‘Young and Restless’ cast members at Creek Aug. 12 I have my own set of daytime drama plot guidelines: 1.) If a person dies via accident, say a plane crash, and the body is not found, it’s very likely that actor will return to the show, with a stunning story of miraculous survival. 2.) If a man and a woman spend only one night making love, the woman will become pregnant. 3.) If a couple wants to have children and sleep together every night, the woman will never get pregnant. You probably have yours, too, and you can test...

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