A Busy Week for the Guy Running this Blog

It looks like the plan has come together since taking the buyout at the Sun-Sentinel in November: Get paid a little (by writing for The Miami Herald) and cover gambling how I like (here at SouthFloridaGambling.com). And, oh, no daily trips to the office!

Since being nudged into the gambling beat eight years ago at the Sun-Sentinel, I have developed an intense interest in all things gambling. I’m a cheap Midwesterner, rather than a degenerate gambler, but I’ve enjoyed every aspect of covering gambling — even the stuff that’s not so glitzy.

Anyway, the launch this week was timed to my first column at the Herald, and I have been getting material up on the site for about a week now.

But this week is a scramble. I’m a moderator at the Florida Gaming Congress for one session this week, so you won’t see me out playing much. But I’ll have plenty of coverage coming from there — often the best stuff comes during the breaks and the dinners, rather than the official conference — and I’m eager to get in contact with any of those who didn’t know I was embarking on this.

That’s a long way of saying my annual gambling log will be late a week. (Spoiler: I’m in the black!)

Those who know me also know that I’m not the most technologically advance. How’d I do a site like this?

Well, I got help. After trying to view the WordPress videos, and getting stuck merely trying to download WAMP (a detail for those who are efficient at this stuff), I called a friend who referred me to David Lowitz, owner of Winning Play Marketing in Weston, who, fortunately, loves the gambling scene, is a career South Florida media guy and is also one heck of a website coach! If you’re looking to do something like this, his info is at the bottom of the main page.

Welcome to the site, come back to this spot for some tales from the tables, and if you want, I’d love it you bookmarked me at SouthFloridaGambling.com.