It’s very big and red and a slot machine


If you’ve strolled into a South Florida casino lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Colossal Diamonds slot machine. It’s very difficult to miss.

Colossal Diamonds is eight feet tall and eight feet wide — the width of about three regular slot machines. Three video reels each spin on 42-inch monitors, showing traditional slot symbols: the number 7, black bars and cherries.

American Gaming Systems has been rolling out the game across the country, including in Las Vegas in 2016.

The game draws a crowd when people sit down to play it — and the machine has a bench, rather than a mere seat, so even though there’s only one SPIN button to push, friends can play along.

“We consider it a social game, and people line up behind it to watch,” says Andrew Burke, vice president of slot products for AGS, a small player in the slot world. “It’s like a carnival attraction.”

Cost ranges from $1 to $5 per spin, with a top jackpot of $6,000.

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